Food and Drink

Food from other countrys, wild and wacky foods and some drinks

Nom Nom Nom

The Sims Life Stories

The Sims Life Stories is really a Story-mode edition of the then-popular Sims 2. Following Rileys story.

The Sims


Displaying a plethora of Mobile phones, tablets and other small electronic items

Handheld consoles, MP3 Players, E-Readers

Video Playlists (Still Working As Of April 2018)

´╗┐Click The tiles to get to playlists. (You will be sent to YouTube)

Toys, Models, Keychains

Much collections. too much for words

Model cars and Poundland

Windows Stuff

Windows tablets and Windows Phone.

Windows 10


Sonic Toys, Collectables, merch, games

Sonic Dash


A series comparing various phones, tablet PCs and other tech on their boot/start-up systems.

Starting Up...

The Sims Castaway Stories

This game is part of The Sims Stories collection. Like The Sims Life Stories, This game is like a Story-mode edition of the then-popular Sims 2. However, you are Castaway on an island and have to survive

The Sims